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Simming in Melanin
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The Creator

The Who.

Hey my loves! My name is Danielle and you may well know me as Ebonix. My pronouns are she/her. I am from London, UK with African and Caribbean heritage.

I am a long time simmer and gamer, with a passion for simulation, RPG and story-rich games. 

If you have any business queries, please contact me on

The Content

The What.

I have been creating custom content and mods for The Sims 4 since 2015. I primarily focus on hairstyles for black and brown sims such as braided, loc'd and curly styles in a bid to fill the gaps that are being left when it comes to content for sims of colour. 

I am a Twitch Partner, an EA Game Changer and full time content creator, focusing on building a positive and inclusive community across my platforms, raising money for meaningful causes and providing nothing, but good vibes.

The goal

The Why.

My goal has always been to allow simmers to see themselves in the game and bring representation where it was lacking. 

This goal has expanded and I am now working towards bringing about and making a personal change in the gaming industry all together. We all deserve to see ourselves in games, and should not be limited to lack-luster options or be an after thought when it comes to providing accurate character attributes for black gamers and gamers of colour.

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