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Hi hi! 💛

Meet Danielle - everyone calls her Dani or Ebonix!

She is a Content Creator from London, UK who is well- known for creating custom content for

The Sims 4. She has been creating content since 2015 with the initial desire to have a dashiki in game.

She has a passion for seeing herself and allowing others to see themselves in games, and is striving daily to bring more accurate representation in games. 

Her content is heavily influenced by Black heritage and features due to the lack of content readily available for sims players. She aims to fill the gaps that have been left so that no gamer is left to feel unseen.


She is a Twitch Partner and EA Game Changer, with an insanely supportive community worldwide. If you know her, you'll know that she loves gaming, anime, food, Miles Morales and good vibes!  

Don't hesitate to drop her a message  or email if you need to reach out about anything. She'd love to hear from you! 


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