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Ebonix | Toddler Starter Kit

Toddler Starter Kit

I celebration of the arrival of our dearest TODDLERS! I put together this little gift to get you all started.

Toddler Only

6 Unisex Hairs - Chunkysims Curly Fade - Glorianasims Afro Pigtails - Sinerelyasimmer Toddler Hawk - Supremesims Remi - Infisim Braided Braids - ModishKitten Cloud Puff

All have custom thumbnail, disallowed for thumbnail and are not hat compatible.

NOTICE: Testers reported that some hairs will turn black once you go into game. Others did not have this issue. I will try to rectify this in the future.

1 Top (1 Swatch - sorry I got tired and lazy)

1 Pants (5 original swatches by @blvck-life-simz)

2 Shoes - Paulean R’s Ugg Boots - Huaraches (was never going to share these, but for the sake of the babeh’s swag I have done so.​)




Toddler Sag Jeans Updated 03/04/17


Toddler Sag Jeans ONLY





Glorianasims4, Chunkysims, Sincerelyasimmer, Pauleanr, infisim, ModishKitten, Supremesims, Blvck-life-simz and Dev


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Have fun and happy simming!

Don't claim as your own! Be Unapologetically Black!

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