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Ebonix | Toddler Starter Kit Pt.2

Toddler Starter Kit Pt.2

I celebration of the arrival of our dearest TODDLERS! I put together ANOTHER little gift to get you all started.

Toddler Only

5 Hairs - Infisim Nappy Fro - Infisim Nappy High Top - Infisim Nappy Mohawk - ModishKitten Bantu Knots - Peggy 00310

1 Shoe -Marigold Hiking Boots

All have custom thumbnail, disallowed for random and are not hat compatible.






Infisim, ModishKitten, Peggy and Marigold


Buy Me A Coffee?



Have fun and happy simming!

Don't claim as your own! Be Unapologetically Black!

I follow the tags #Ebonix #Ebonixsims #Ebonixsimblr on social media!

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