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Ebonix | Kiddie Hair Pack

Kiddie Hair Pack

35 Packages in total!

#Hair 1

Curly High Top Fade Toddler - Adult 9 Swatches

Credit to HellaGoodSims for the fade hair base *High Poly*

#Hair 2

Wonder Puffs 2 Versions (Big and Small) Toddler - Child 7 Swatches Bows (2 versions - 1 and 3) found under Hats 30 Swatches Credit to Simiracle for the bows and recolours) Credit to ModishKitten for the Puffs

#Hair 3

Lil Yatchy Toddler - Child 6 Swatches Beads (2 versions - solid and transparent) found under Head Accessories 5 Swatches *High Poly*

#Hair 4

Beadie Baby Toddler - Child 6 Swatches Beads found under Head Accessories 11 Swatches

#Hair 5

Princess Beadie Toddler - Child 6 Swatches (+ 6 Realistic "Alpha" Twist Retextures) Beads and Bubbles found under Head Accessories 11 Swatches

All hairs and accessories should have custom thumbnails and be disallowed for random!

100% Ebonix Made

100% Ebonix Slayed







If you have already downloaded the pack before the date above please click the link below to download the updated WonderpuffsPF.package. Delete the old one and replace it with the new below.

Download updated Wonder Puffs for Toddlers


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